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Hi there Ces, I’ve listened to another song of yours prior to this,and I shared it because it had a really great feel to it,I think your good, your young,your beautiful you’ve got so many amazing things going for you which is key for any aspiring musician! In terms of improvements apart from showcasing your voice a bit more I feel like you’ve got the talent but theres so much competition these days with artists that push Themselves to get ahead of the curve,so usually being unique or not conforming to what everybody else does is definitely they way to go! Keep up the work,and no matter what anybody says remember believe in yourself smile emoticon Aim for the moon to reach the stars! Tom Goddard

Thank You Tom for your kind and encouraging words.


Ole Gustav Johnsen
“Love, love, LOVE your song Wicked Game!!! Keep up the good work and best of luck with your music! ♥”

Wicked Game Official Music Video Video

Wicked Game Vocal and Instrumental Version Cdbaby

Wicked Game Vocal and Instrumental https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wicked-game-single/id759328967 “i wanna let you know that i started my day with I’m grown, your music is always with me! Alan, NumberOne Music

 I’m Grown on her F.Y.I Album #4 iTunes

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