Poor Rich Girl Accessories Grand Opening

Poor RicHGirl (PRG) embodies the essence of a young fashionista. Lets face it, the majority of young women can’t afford Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, etc. We want the edgy high fashion look, but we don’t have the high fashion money,

Many are misguided by the media for fashion advice. ‘The more money you spend , the better your wardrobe looks’

I smell Bullshit! PRG caters to you ladies that want to express yourselves with unique clothing and jewelry but at an affordable price. As an up and coming artist myself, money was tight. I often sought out thrift stores to find unique clothing and jewelry for performances, and photo shoots.

PRG carries the most unique pieces that can’t be found at a shopping mall!

‘ The poor rich girl knows the price tag can’t separate her from her individuality and style. She’s a religious thrifter with her pride and confidence in tact. She is a creative genius, intriguing, and a leader. She embraces her flaws and her ability to turn a dime into a dollar. You go poor rich girl, because you have the type of RICH that money can’t buy.’

Love, #PRG


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